don't let the things you love slip away.


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We were in my car one night last summer. I picked you up from your house on the corner of that hidden street, and you told me things about your life, slowly, then all at once. I fell in love with you that night. Every part of you inspired me, but I kept quiet in fear that you wouldn’t love me. Kept quiet because I was afraid to show you my flaws, the ones I keep hidden deep inside the darkest parts of me. My insides were screaming OPEN UP, say something, anything. You took all of me that night.

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b r o k e n  into fragmented pieces too sharp,  s e n t e n c e s  that will forever end in question marks. your lies  s p r e a d  us apart, I fell in love, while calling your name. You kept my heart, just a pawn, what a shame. those three little words mean’t nothing to you, it was all just part of your game.

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Buried deep under blood & veins; where I keep my secret.


What I like most about you, I think, is your hugs. The way you squeeze so tight, you shake, like it’s the last time you’ll ever see me, like I’m the most important person in your world, if only for that moment.

I wrote this last year about the manner in which Mike gives out hugs. Since it’s his birthday and I received two of these hugs from him today, I wanted to re-share this little piece.

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Bringing it back two-three years to one of our first adventures. mikeslap, Matty and I spent the day getting treats at Wild Flour then roaming around in Narragansett and ended it at my beach house/Crazy Burger. It was the first of many times now. Over the past couple years our friendship has blossomed and I am so happy we found our way into each others lives. You are the most inspiring person in my world and I love you so fucking much. I can’t believe it’s already your birthday again. Thank you for being my crutch. Thank you for putting up with my endless rants, for sharing your world with me, for everything. Happy Birthday, I love you.

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